Fire School


Fire plays a huge role in human history

It’s hard to imagine where society would be without fire. Throughout the ages the fire has been at the center of community. Stories, dancing, feasting, and protection all get a foothold in the fire pit. The Deep Roots Fire School provides an opportunity for those deep traditions and practices to make their way into the center of your family. Family fires burn bright and unite the people closest to you as we cook over the flame. Traditional Native American stories create a connection to the past and open the door to conversations about other peoples and other cultures. As the moon rises and the stars sprinkle across the sky, your family can move a little closer enchanted by the vastness of the skies and the warmth of the fire.


Fire School starts on Tuesday January 14th and runs for three consecutive Tuesdays. The session convenes at 4:30 pm. Families work together to create the fire and manage its strength. Each family should bring foil dinner packets for each family member. These packets are placed by the fire to cook as the storytelling begins. Activities will engage each member of the family in thought-provoking conversation and problem solving, all while keeping the fire alive. As the darkness settles, the family will feast picnic style learning to observe the moon and stars.