Happy Holidays!


It’s that magical time of year…

The Holiday Season is full of ALLLLLLL the good stuff. It can be a tricky time of year, too. The Holiday Season is kind of a strange time of year, isn’t it? And by strange, I totally mean that it’s a weird mix of internal battles, hyped up expectations that it might be as magical as it was when you believed in Santa, overindulgence followed by guilt, and over commitment that runs you ragged. Yet, I FRIKKIN LOVE IT! For all these reasons, the Holiday Season is a great time to let it all go and pack on the pounds. But what if you could enjoy all the craziness and the yummies and come out the other side without feeling like a total fat toad? You can!! The Holidays are a time full of celebration and fun.

Grab some coffee and let’s “Holiday” together!