Tribal Life Transformation

8 Week New Year Reset

Completely online!


Rooted: In Movement

Functional Range Conditioning

TBD- March

Lakeland, FL


You are a community of YOUs. There’s the YOU of today, of tomorrow, ten years from now, and alll of the YOUs in between. Each decision you make- for better or worse- is making an impact on this community, YOUR community. That’s a pretty strong reason to become passionate about what is right in front of you in the mirror. For 8 weeks, we’ll dedicate time and attention to the details and habits that keep the gears of your life running smoothly. Tons of content, a guided nutritional reset, and purposeful steps to drive the success and happiness you desire!

Save the date for a day of movement! Gretchen and Becca have teamed up to build on the previous Rooted: In Movement Workshop. Adding science-based Functional Range Conditioning is a perfect compliment to everything you are already doing. We’ll help you find “stuck” points and create new ranges of motion. DETAILS COMING SOON!