Enjoy Life

Life is full of ups and downs. These waves can be hard to maneuver when you're at your best. But when you are sleep deprived, stressed to the max, rushing from place to place, and neglecting time for yourself, it's pretty dang hard to find much joy in the world. The One Common Denominator in all the parts of your life that seem to be infringing on your happiness is YOU.

Your happiest life is waiting for you!


It starts with knowing What Really Matters?

Learning how to say YES and how to say NO starts with knowing what actually matters most to YOU. Everything can't be a top priority.  Balancing the important areas of your life will enable you to feel a sense of satisfaction and inner peace… and with this understanding, you can choose wisely when it comes to investing your time and your efforts.


The Missing Link to your best health

It’s really a pretty bizarre and magical thing that we do.  Sleep is an ANABOLIC state. That means tissue is being built. While wakefulness is CATABOLIC. That means tissue is being broken down. With just that information, we can get an idea of just how critical sleep really is for our health! Think about it…. 



The true health epidemic is right in your home

Our "nation is on the verge of a stress-induced public health crisis." Stress is EVERYWHERE! But where does all this stress come from? Believe it or not, everywhere. And worse, the common coping mechanisms are actually adding more stress! The "stress response" for most people is out of control. But you CAN take charge!

Our anxiety is seeping into our kids. Children don’t need perfect parents....a parent who isn’t tired, stressed, worried or angry is much better equipped to do a world of good just by not freaking out. Managing your own stress is the most important thing you can do for your child.
— The Self Driven Child

Get Outside


The benefits of time in Nature– you know that thing we did all day, every day for the majority of human existence– are undeniable. If you just close your eyes and imagine a woods waking up or a sunset walk next to the beach, I bet you can conjure up feelings and memories. I bet most, if not all, of those memories are positive. Research even backs up the fact that time in nature is good for your mental health!

The kids you know might not even know the sounds of a forest. You’d have to take the earbuds out of their ears for them to notice it, anyways. We are fighting this Nature Deficit Disorder in our home and in our hometown (read more about that in this GREAT BOOK!) .