Nurtured by Nature

Most of us spend far less time outside in natural spaces than people did several generations ago. According to a growing body of research, time in nature is linked to lower levels of stress hormones, reduced anxiety, and lower incidence of depression. Children and adults both benefit from stepping outside and bathing in the natural sensory experience using the 5 Principles of Nature Education.

The woods is a blank canvas for meaningful adventures!


Sensory Exploration

In a fearful, liability laden world spinning, climbing, rolling and jumping- you know normal kid activities- are discouraged at the expense of child development. Perfect indoor "weather" conditions, cushioned shoes, and smooth playground climbing contraptions stifle the natural ability to regulate and remove the opportunity to create meaningful context for accomplishments! Research supports the idea that experiencing biodiversity- aka actual childhood interaction with variation and diversity with living and nonliving items from nature- allows children important learning opportunities and a sense of the greater picture of belonging. They become part of the world at large, rather than separate and afraid of it.


Wilderness skills and movement

Acquiring skills to traverse the great outdoors has been integral to human existence and experience... until recent times. The movements and sounds of the birds, the growth of the plants, and the flow of moisture all provide clues to the great mysteries of the natural world. Learning to understand these wonders deepens the innate primal connection of every human and builds the confidence to explore, appreciate, and excel. Faith in personal ability and ownership of outcome are the bedrock of responsibility.


connection through ceremony

Ceremonies can motivate us, stimulate our emotions and prompt memories. The positive effects of ceremony are universal across civilizations and are neither specific, to age or gender. Ceremonies emotionally embed, imprint and sink the totality of the event into the brain, memory, psyche and subconscious. The communal experience skillfully integrates beauty, choreography, music and symbolism. This collective sense of gratitude and experience of ritual provide a bold road map for the future.

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