What Really Matters?

It's an all too common scenario. A person's life looks perfect on the outside. But on the inside, they feel something is missing. It seems foreign to feel excited or joyful about attacking the day. Motivation is low. 

Your life is an adventure and you get to choose it!

But before you choose, you should know what really matters to you. It's like a map, of sorts.... and those can be pretty handy when you don't know how to get where you want to be!

Rate the following areas of life based on their level of importance to you – on a scale of 1 to 10  (1 being most important and 10 being least important).

____Environment: Where you physically spend the majority of your day: home, living space, people you live with, car, room, office, closet, work environment, etc.

____Fun/Leisure: What you do for fun: hobbies, leisure, vacation, fun non-work related pursuits, activities to recharge, etc.

____Personal Growth: Your efforts to be a better you: personal development, seminars, reading for self improvement, improving interpersonal skills/habits, education, reflection, etc.

____Spirituality/Faith: Your belief in a higher power that is greater than the physical world: devotion to religion/faith, prayer, meditation, the practice of being “present,” living in the moment, etc.

____Purpose/Career: Following your passion/what you believe you’ve been called to do: your profession, volunteer work, devotion to family/charity/career, talents, etc.

____Financial: Your personal definition of financial security: savings, lack of debt, investments, understanding of financial situation, ability to afford the things you want on your terms, financial independence, retirement, financial future, etc.

____Friends & Family Relationships: Your relationships, level of mutual support/respect, and personal/emotional connections with: immediate family, children, siblings, parents, close extended family members, and your small circle of close friends, etc.

____Romantic Relationship(s): Your emotional and physical connection with your significant other, romantic partner, dating relationships, and/or spouse: mutual support, respect, appreciation, friendship, shared interests/hobbies/pursuits, time spent together, and physical/intimate connection, etc.

____Fitness/Health: Overall “wellness”: physical health, regular diet, stress management, sleep, exercise, nutrition, flexibility, strength, cholesterol level, satisfaction with weight, healthy weight/body fat, physical endurance, energy, etc.

____Emotional Health: Mental wellness: how you feel about yourself, beliefs about self worth, ability to feel/express emotions, mental wellness/overall happiness, feeling whole, satisfied, at peace, etc.

Now, go back and rate your satisfaction in each of the areas (10 being most satisfied, 1 being very dissatisfied).

What did you find? Too often, the areas that we rate as the most important (they REALLY matter to us) are not the areas in which we are currently finding the most satisfaction. It's hard to be happy when you are dissatisfied with the things that matter most, right? By identifying what is a priority, you can begin to view commitments and time through the lens of which decisions and actions attest to YOUR PRIORITIES. Priorities shift and change as you go through seasons of life. Regularly checking back and seeing what is currently most important allows you to change your lifestyle to reflect these shifts.