Little Seeds

A Nature Based Experience for

Little Hands in a Big Big World!


Little Seeds Nature Experience is Open for registration!!! 

What is the Little Seeds Nature Experience?

The Little Seeds Nature Experience is based on high-quality early childhood education and environmental education practices with the goal of laying a foundation for environmental literacy. With many of the same child development goals that more traditional schools have, we are also committed to accomplishing those goals through experiences in and with nature, and have an added goal of helping children begin to develop care and concern for the natural world.

Why Nature Based programming?

Nature is the central organizing concept of the program. That is, nature is the integrating thread that intentionally ties together the Deep Roots philosophy, methodologies, class-room design, outdoor spaces, and public identity. A nature program is based on high-quality practices of both early childhood education (developmentally appropriate practices) and environmental education, requiring its teaching staff to have skills and experience in both early childhood education and environmental education. Our Experience uses the Coyote Guide to Nature Awareness in conjunction with the Growing Up Wild, a multi-award winning program having received the 2009 Family Choice Award and the 2011 Renewable Natural Resource Foundation Excellence in Journalism Award. This curriculum is correlated to the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Standards and the Head Start Domains.

Who? Where? When?

The Little Seeds Nature Experience will initially open in one month blocks on Fridays from 9:15-11:15 am on private property in South Lakeland. This 2 hour block will include outdoor explorations, scientific inquiry, art projects, music and movement, conservation activities, reading and math connections and "Healthy Me" extensions. Being held on private wooded property, parents can feel confident as precious little hands learn to navigate natural textures and independent exploration. Class size is limited to 8 students aged 2-6 yrs old


A Typical Morning at the Little Seeds Nature Experience

**It is important to note that while there is a general flow and plan for each session, we feel strongly that when students grab tightly to an idea, concept, or activity that it is important to pursue that interest fully. We will never burst a “play bubble” in an effort to squeeze in planned activities**

9:30 am- Greet Students and Introduce Concept/Theme with an active Warm Up activity to engage curiosity and promote problem solving.

9:50 am- Layer Knowledge of chosen concept with a play-based Focus Activity allowing for experimentation of concepts and cooperative or individual practice

10:10 am- Come together for sharing and story telling with a themed healthy snack.

10:35 am- Gross motor game tying together Themes and Concepts

10:50 am- Open Exploration of Themed Centers equipped with natural play materials, heavy loads for pushing, pulling and lifting, and nature art materials

11:20 am- Concluding Ceremony and “Story of the Day”

** Little Seeds may be dropped off but an adult is also welcome to stay and engage in the Nature Learning process **