Fill Your Soul

As the Lake of Knowledge grows, so does the Shore of Ignorance. And that shore, that's what beckons me. It's a gnawing desire so deep, so primal; a constant urge to continue to grow and learn. Yet even as my knowledge increases, as my experiences broaden my view and deepen my compassion, the vastness of what I then realize I STILL haven't learned, understood or mastered grows ever larger.

The HUMAN EXPERIENCE requires that we actively

participate in our lives!


YOU are in charge of your health and happiness!

That's the most important thing I can ever tell you. The best gift I can give my friends, family, children, clients, or you is the confidence and understanding that you have so much power in your life. You are designed to thrive, friend!


Say Goodbye to the

Pursuit of Perfect!

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Imperfections are not inadequacies; they are reminders that we’re all in this together.
— Brene Brown

When it comes to your health, you are never going to be perfect.

But neither am I.

Even if a perfect diet exists, a perfect workout regimen, a perfect body, a perfect meditation practice, a perfect balance of saying Yes and No…. we are human. And we are not perfect. The pursuit of perfection will ultimately crush you. And this same pursuit will blind you from all you are doing that is good. Applying that same energy to loving your current life, with all the messiness and mess-ups... that's the magic!