It should be expected that we will find wonder in a vast mountain landscape, but it is a more serious challenge to find wonder in a hill. It is a great achievement to find it in a molehill.
— Tristan Gooley, How to Connect with Nature

The Deep Roots Nature School is divided into Semesters and Bridges.

Whats the difference??
Semesters are 6 weeks in length and take place in the woods beginning at the designated trailhead. These happen on Public land. During this time, there is a gentle mentoring towards the topics chosen by the instructors (Fall 2018 will be intro to orienteering and the Earth beneath us; Spring 2019 will be Birds and Bird Language) but done within the context of movement and exploration ... Lots of it. Hiking, hanging, climbing, sneaking, creeping, crawling and hiding all have a role. The students, in their clans, lead the direction of the actual school time and decide how deeply to delve into topics.
Bridges are 3-4 weeks in length and take place on Private property. This allows us to tackle different nature topics in a different way. These Bridges focus in on more specific skills and naturalist knowledge with more direct instruction. Our Winter Bridge will begin on November 4th- Nature’s Symphony. Using a combination of classic Montessori methods and Classical music methodologies, this class aims to introduce music theory and expression in a natural setting with inspiration from Nature’s bounty.

Refund Policy: We understand that circumstances change. We are happy to supply a partial refund (minus $15 registration fee per child) up to 14 days prior to the start of classes. Beyond that, refunds are decided on a per case basis. There are no refunds once classes have started.