Movement is Greater Than Exercise!

Everyone likes to get in a workout, check the box, take a selfie, and feel accomplished. While exercise is a specific set of activities with a desired outcome, movement is all the physical inputs on your body and how those shape your ability to traverse the world around you. Good movement is what you are looking to achieve, even if you don't know it. The new Personal Record, the marathon, ‘that’ body, more strength, less aches and pains.... Every one of those starts with good movement. 

You must move well before you can exercise well. Hell, you must move well before you can human well! Better movement is available to everyone. It just takes a little effort every single day. #MOBILIZETheTribe is your ticket to moving in the right direction!


What is it?

It’s our gym, Haka Fitness, at home- online videos taking you through focused flexibility and mobility will give you better movement in little nuggets that you can accomplish!

How does it work?

Start out by completing the 14 videos in succession- one each day for 14 days. You gain access to these videos forever. They are your to keep, combine, and use as often as you like! We’ve made suggestions of which ones combine for success depending on what aches and pains you are struggling with right now.

What can you expect?

You will feel better, no doubt. These 14 videos will help you to move your body in a controlled way…. like, all the parts of your body, not just the three stretches you like the most. We’ve added tips for common conditions like low back pain, plantar fasciitus, neck pain and more!

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