Halloween--- Here's a fun alternative!

If Halloween Candy is something you don't prefer to deal with, The Switch Witch is an easy solution!

We put this little poem in the Halloween bucket and it's sitting on the counter Halloween morning. After the festivities, they pick out a predetermined number of candies ( maybe 2 for every year of age?) and put the bucket on the patio. The next morning, an awesome toy is waiting for them :-)

Have YOU heard of the Switch Witch?

She’s hungry, fierce and fat!

She’s on the hunt for candy

To feed her hungry cat.


He likes the brightest candies

The red, green, pink, and blue

He likes the gum, the sweet tarts,

And the chocolate too!!


After Trick-or-Treating,

Pick out some things to keep.

Then, leave your bucket by the door,

Brush your teeth, and go to sleep.


The Switch Witch comes in the dark

Much to her naughty cat’s delight!

She’ll take your candy, leave a toy

And never give a fright!”


A $15 toy is totally worth getting all the candy out of the house to me!