Journal: 7/14/2018- Haka Fitness

I've been spending a lot of time assessing our business, Haka Fitness. We've been open just over 6 yrs, but in our current location almost four. The fitness industry is a tough one and the failure rate of "gyms" is very high. That we have made it 6 yrs is basically a miracle, statistically. Of course, I wouldn't call us a "gym" anyways. I don't know what I'd call us... Not Personal Training. Maybe Coaching. We're kinda specialists, but we're also good for everyone. Ha... maybe here in lies the business issue. We ARE a Community... that part, I know.

We should be more profitable by now.  Lord knows I have put in the hours. Hell, I was back working 48 hours after a foot reconstruction and only 24 hours after being released from the hospital following the births of both my kids.  People are so used to seeing me with a kid tied on that it seems weird to see me without one! I've consulted Fitness Business Professionals and they all say I'm doing everything wrong. I care too much, I'm too honest, I'm too available, I don't charge enough for the level of knowledge we have at Haka. But aren't these the things that make people TRUST US WITH THEIR LIVES??? Ugh. Haka is so much more than all that. People come to us with big stuff. Walking in the doors of Haka is an escape, a smile, the most fun part of the day. It's a support system, an emotional boost, and a damn good stress reliever. We've walked with people through great losses and amazing recoveries. We've sat at their tables, met their families, and prepared meals for them when they couldn't. The community of Haka Warriors has done all that for us, as well.

I've stood firm for 6 yrs. I can't sell out on my belief in community, knowledge, compassion, and a place for everyone. It's certainly not the easy road. But it's the one I won't regret.