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Bone Broth Basics

Bone Broth is a big part of my cooking regimen. Over the years, I have made it many different ways- Crock Pot, Instapot, on the stove. All of these are good ways to do it…. the key is to just do it. The method of cooking changes little more than the cooking time. I drink bone broth on many days and use it as a means of mitigating longer fasting periods.

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Fall Wild Rice Soup

This recipe came from a deep need to do SOMETHING DIFFERENT with the leftover turkey from Thanksgiving. Good Lord, did we really need a turkey that big? It seemed like a good idea at the time….. I started with this beautiful recipe from GimmeSomeOven. I changed it based on what I had on hand and it was amazing! It makes a huge amount the way I did it. So you might plan to make this and freeze some or use it for an easy dinner party.

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