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Strawberry Shortcakes- Grain Free and Delish!


Strawberries are in season here in Central Florida and I am in heaven. I love taking the boys to pick them fresh, eating them right out of the field. I love seeing them with red juice dripping down their chins and strawberry mud on their fingers. And I REALLY love turning the strawberries into delicious, healthy eats! You will love these Strawberry Shortcakes. The shortcake portion can easily be amended into Blueberry Muffins or cinnamon muffins, too. The recipe makes 3 jumbo muffins or 6 regular muffins. I suggest doubling it! ;-) As an extra bonus, this can be made without a mixer and is easy enough for my four yr old to essentially do alone with just supervision.

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Becca's Fake It Til Your Fab Five- March/April

In the Not So Fab Five, I confessed that things have been pretty shitty. In reality, my brain had been mostly shitty more so than my actual life. Anyways, when it’s Not So Fab, the best thing to do is to Fake it til You’re Fab. The only way to get somewhere different is to take a step. And so this edition of Becca’s Fab Five is dedicated to taking steps in the right direction til it’s all Fab again.

In this one, I give you my Mac and Cheese recipe, remind you to check out all our info on feet, tell you how we protect from the sun and yet my kids have that amazing "glow" everyone talks about (it's not sunscreen!), talk about the difference between being BROKEN and being Broken Open, and give you the link to the magical sunflower seeds that grow the beauties by my front door. I hope you enjoy!!

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Mac and Cheese- The Ultimate Comfort Food

Every so often, you just have to have Mac and Cheese. If that Mac and Cheese could also be pretty darn good for you AND super Yummy, well, how do you say no? Thi recipe started as a Pasta Carbonara recipe. One day, I had the revelation that it could easily be converted to it’s cheesier cousin. And so it began…

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Haka House Meal Prep--- Saturday and Sunday

Our life is really busy with two kids and running the gym! Saturdays, I work in the morning. So, I only do a little prep on Saturday as I don't want it to take away from family time. Most meal prep for us is done on Sundays. I like to wake up before everyone else and have some alone time to do the majority of it. The rest I do throughout the day. So here goes... See How to make it happen during the week HERE!

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Fall Wild Rice Soup

This recipe came from a deep need to do SOMETHING DIFFERENT with the leftover turkey from Thanksgiving. Good Lord, did we really need a turkey that big? It seemed like a good idea at the time….. I started with this beautiful recipe from GimmeSomeOven. I changed it based on what I had on hand and it was amazing! It makes a huge amount the way I did it. So you might plan to make this and freeze some or use it for an easy dinner party.

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Paleo Pumpkin Brownies

These are delicious and the texture is amazing. My whole family loves them! We call these a “free food” which means that the kids can eat them whenever they want- breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack. I take these to gatherings to be sure I have a yummy sweet something I can chow on without any guilt…. and I never have any to bring back home.

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Fathead Pizza

As much as I like adventure, I also love repetition. Right now, every Wednesday is pizza night. I use the Fat Head Pizza Crust ( the almond flour recipe). I always top it with homemade pesto, mushrooms, onions, roasted garlic and sliced tomatoes. Then I use whatever meat is leftover- grilled chicken, brisket, pulled pork. The key to Fathead Pizza Crust success?? A Pizza Stone and execution!!

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