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Becca's Fake It Til Your Fab Five- March/April

In the Not So Fab Five, I confessed that things have been pretty shitty. In reality, my brain had been mostly shitty more so than my actual life. Anyways, when it’s Not So Fab, the best thing to do is to Fake it til You’re Fab. The only way to get somewhere different is to take a step. And so this edition of Becca’s Fab Five is dedicated to taking steps in the right direction til it’s all Fab again.

In this one, I give you my Mac and Cheese recipe, remind you to check out all our info on feet, tell you how we protect from the sun and yet my kids have that amazing "glow" everyone talks about (it's not sunscreen!), talk about the difference between being BROKEN and being Broken Open, and give you the link to the magical sunflower seeds that grow the beauties by my front door. I hope you enjoy!!

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