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Becca's Fab Five Snacks.... and How Amazon Saves My Waistline!

We don’t snack a lot at our house. Generally speaking, we eat meals when we are hungry and then we don’t eat in between….as a general rule. But I love snacks. I especially love snacks when we are on car trips, when I am hiking, and when we are camping. Occasionally, I also find myself in a sticky situation where I really need to eat and a meal just isn’t an option. Enter the Snacks (complete with Superhero cape) to save the day!

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Journal 1/23/19: In Pursuit of Knowledge- Kids in the Woods

With a renewed sense of responsibility and an awareness of the good that can be accomplished (if he could just harness the power of fire), he sets out into the woods to try to decipher what items will burn. What will work as tender, what will light quickly or burn slowly?

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3 Nature Awareness Activities That Take Less Than 5 Minutes

Nature Awareness is getting a lot of buzz these days.

There is a good reason for that, too! The benefits of time spent in nature abound and include some pretty important stuff, like sensory development in children, activating the Default Made Network in the brain at any age, and simply working our ability to actually USE our senses. Bringing Nature Awareness activities into your home doesn't have to be some elaborate endeavor!

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